What is the origin of the last name Capps?

The last name CAPPS has its origins in England, specifically in the county of Yorkshire. It is derived from the medieval given name "Capps," a variant of the name "Coppe," which in turn comes from the Old Norse personal name "Kolpr." The name ultimately translates to "helmet" or "head" and was likely used as a nickname for someone who had a distinctive head shape or perhaps worked with or made helmets. Over time, the name evolved into different spellings, including Capps, Copp, and Copps.

Countries of origin for the last name Capps

The last name “Capps” is of English origin and is an occupational surname derived from the Old English word “cæppe” which means “cape” or “hood”. The name “Capps” likely originated as a nickname for someone who wore a cape or a hooded garment. Occupational surnames were commonly given to individuals based on their profession or trade during the Middle Ages.

As an occupational surname, “Capps” may have initially referred to someone who made or sold capes or hooded garments. In medieval times, capes were commonly worn as outer garments to protect against the cold weather, and hooded garments provided additional protection for the head. Therefore, it is probable that individuals with the last name “Capps” were involved in the production or trade of such items.

The surname “Capps” has variations such as “Cappe”, “Cape”, or “Cap”, which may have arisen from regional dialects and phonetic changes over time. The variations in spelling and pronunciation of surnames were common in early records due to illiteracy, regional accents, and the lack of standardized spelling rules.

Regarding geographical distribution, the surname “Capps” is relatively uncommon. It has a notable presence in the United States, particularly in the southern states such as Texas, North Carolina, and Arkansas. This distribution suggests that a significant number of individuals with the last name “Capps” likely migrated or settled in these regions at some point in history.

Researching the historical records of individuals with the last name “Capps” reveals various notable figures who bore this name. For example, Robert Capps (1863-1935) was a renowned entomologist known for his studies on insects and insect behavior. His contributions to the field of entomology have left a lasting impact on scientific research.

Despite the available knowledge about the surname “Capps”, there may still be uncovered aspects and connections that could further enrich our understanding. The exploration of family histories and genealogical research can provide valuable insights into the lives and origins of individuals with the last name “Capps”. Delving deeper into this topic may reveal hidden stories and intricate connections waiting to be discovered.

Interesting facts about the last name Capps

  • The surname Capps is of English origin.
  • It is derived from the medieval English personal name “Cappe,” which itself comes from the Old Norse word “kappi,” meaning “warrior” or “champion.”
  • The name Capps is classified as a patronymic surname, as it was often used to denote the son of someone named Cappe.
  • Variant spellings of the surname include Caps, Capes, Cap, and Kapp.
  • The surname Capps is relatively rare, with most individuals bearing this name found in the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • According to census data, the majority of individuals with the surname Capps reside in the southeastern states of the United States, particularly in North Carolina and Texas.
  • Historically, individuals with the surname Capps have been involved in a variety of occupations, including farming, teaching, and politics.
  • The Capps Family Farm, located in North Carolina, has been owned and operated by the Capps family for several generations.
  • In popular culture, the surname Capps has been used as a character name in literature and film.
  • Notable individuals with the surname Capps include actors, politicians, athletes, and musicians.

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There are around 18194 people with the last name Capps in the US

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