What is the origin of the last name Cummins?

The last name Cummins derives from the personal name "Cummin," which originated from the Old English word "Cumina" or "Cymmun," meaning a common or well-known man. It is a patronymic surname, denoting someone who was the son of Cummin. The surname has historical roots in both Ireland and Scotland, where variations of the name such as MacComain or MacCamble can also be found.

Countries of origin for the last name Cummins

The last name Cummins has its origins in the Gaelic language. It is a patronymic surname derived from the Irish name Mac Cuimín, meaning “son of Cuimín.” The name Cuimín itself is believed to be derived from the Old Irish word “coem,” meaning “gentle” or “kind.”

The surname Cummins is primarily found in Ireland, particularly in counties Mayo, Roscommon, and Galway. It is also common in Scotland, England, and the United States, due to Irish immigration.

The Cummins family is part of the larger Clan O’Hara, an ancient Irish clan with roots in Ulster. Clan O’Hara was historically associated with County Sligo, but members of the clan also migrated to other parts of Ireland.

Notable individuals with the last name Cummins include James B. Cummins, an American businessman and philanthropist, and Jack Cummins, a Scottish rugby player. These individuals have contributed to their respective fields, but their achievements are not necessarily representative of the entire Cummins surname.

Research suggests that the Cummins name has undergone various spelling variations over time, including Cumming, Cummings, Cummens, and MacCummins. These variations can be attributed to factors such as regional dialects, illiteracy, and clerical errors in recordkeeping.

The Cummins surname has an intriguing etymology, rooted in the Gaelic language and influenced by historical migrations. However, additional research is needed to fully uncover its origins and the specific branches of the Cummins family tree.

Despite the availability of extensive online resources, uncertainties remain regarding specific details about the Cummins surname. While it is known that the name originated in Ireland and later spread to other parts of the world, further investigation is required to uncover additional insights and connections within the Cummins family history.

Interesting facts about the last name Cummins

  • The surname Cummins is of Irish origin and is derived from the Gaelic word “Mac Con Mhidhe” which means “son of the hound of Meath.”
  • It is believed that the Cummins surname originated in County Meath, Ireland and spread to other parts of the country over time.
  • The Cummins surname has several variations including Cummings, Cumming, Cummens, Cumine, and others.
  • Many individuals with the Cummins surname can trace their ancestry back to Brian Mac Cennétig, also known as Brian Boru, who was the High King of Ireland in the 11th century.
  • The Cummins surname is relatively common in Ireland and can also be found in other countries with Irish diaspora such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
  • Notable individuals with the Cummins surname include Mary Cummins, an American businesswoman and philanthropist, and Thomas S. Cummins, an American art historian.
  • The Cummins family name has been associated with various coats of arms throughout history, typically featuring symbols such as lions, eagles, and fleur-de-lis.
  • The Cummins surname has been recorded in various spellings in historical records due to different clerical interpretations and regional accents.
  • The name Cummins is ranked as the 749th most common surname in the United States, according to the 2000 Census.
  • In ancient Ireland, the surname Cummins was often associated with noble families and chiefs who held significant land and wielded political power.

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There are around 20705 people with the last name Cummins in the US

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