What is the origin of the last name Elliott?

The last name Elliott has origins in both Scotland and England. In Scotland, it is derived from the Gaelic name "Elloch," which means "the young one." The variation "Eliot" can also be traced back to the Scottish Gaelic name "Elidh," meaning "kind" or "benefactor." In England, the name is derived from the medieval given name "Elyat," a variant of the Hebrew name "Elijah," meaning "my God is Yahweh." Over time, the name Elliott has undergone various spellings and pronunciations, eventually becoming a popular and widely used surname.

Countries of origin for the last name Elliott

Elliott is a last name that has a long and interesting history. Derived from the medieval personal name “Elyot,” which itself was a nickname for the given name “Elias,” the surname Elliott has evolved and undergone changes over the centuries.

One of the earliest recorded instances of the surname Elliott can be traced back to the year 1279 in Staffordshire, England. From this point, the surname spread throughout the British Isles and beyond.

It is believed that the name Elliott has origins in both English and Scottish ancestry. In England, it is a patronymic surname, meaning it is derived from the name of an ancestor. In Scotland, it is thought to be a habitational name, indicating that the original bearer hailed from a place called Elliott. This place name, however, has not been definitively identified.

The name Elliott has various spellings and forms across different regions and time periods. Some alternate spellings include Eliot, Eliott, Illot, and Ellet. These variations reflect the fluid nature of surname spellings throughout history.

The popularity of the surname Elliott has increased over time. In the United States, the name Elliott is particularly common, ranking as the 210th most common surname according to the 2010 census data. It is worth noting that variations of the surname, such as Elliot and Eliot, are also prevalent.

A notable figure with the surname Elliott is T. S. Eliot, the renowned poet and playwright. Born Thomas Stearns Eliot, he brought prominence and recognition to the name through his influential literary works, earning the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1948.

The meaning of the surname Elliott remains somewhat elusive. While the personal name “Elyot” is believed to have derived from the Hebrew name “Elijah,” the exact meaning of Elliott itself is uncertain. It is likely that the name held different meanings and interpretations across its various forms and spellings throughout history.

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Interesting facts about the last name Elliott

  • The surname Elliott is of Scottish origin.
  • It is derived from the personal name “Elias,” which means “the Lord is my god” in Hebrew.
  • The original form of the name was “Elyat,” which then evolved into “Elis” and later to “Elliots.”
  • The Elliott clan was established in the Scottish Borders region and was associated with the lands of Liddesdale and Teviotdale.
  • The Elliotts were renowned for their riding and fighting skills and were often hired as Border Reivers (raiders) during the turbulent times of the Scottish-English borders.
  • The Elliott Clan lands were forfeited in the 16th century due to their involvement in rebellions against the English Crown.
  • Despite losing their lands, the Elliotts continued to maintain their influence and prominence in the region.
  • Some notable individuals with the surname Elliott include American poet T.S. Eliot, American actor Sam Elliott, and Olympic figure skater Sarah Hughes.
  • The name Elliott is also quite common in North America, where many Scottish immigrants settled and carried their surname with them.
  • There are various spellings and variations of the surname Elliott, including Eliot, Elliot, Eliott, and Eliott.

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There are around 135765 people with the last name Elliott in the US

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