What is the origin of the last name Manning?

The last name Manning has its origins in Old English, derived from the personal name "Mana," meaning "bold" or "fierce," combined with the suffix "-ing" denoting a lineage or descendant. The name dates back to pre-7th century England and has been well-documented in records throughout history, highlighting its rich genealogical heritage.

Countries of origin for the last name Manning

Manning is a last name with English origins, derived from the Old English personal name “Manning,” which in turn comes from the Old Norse name “Magni,” meaning “mighty.” The name is patronymic, indicating descent from someone with this personal name. It is a relatively common surname in the United States, ranking at #956 in terms of frequency. The name can be traced back to the Domesday Book of 1086, where a variety of spellings were recorded, including “Manninges” and “Manningesdeon.”

The surname Manning has multiple variations, including Maning, Mannin, and Manion. Some variant spellings indicate regional or dialectal differences in pronunciation or spelling. The name has also undergone anglicization in some cases when individuals with non-English origins adopted the surname.

Manning has a rich history, and individuals with this surname have made notable contributions in various fields. For instance, Thomas J. Manning served as the Mayor of Toledo, Ohio, from 1938 to 1943. In the literary world, Archie Manning, the father of NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning, is a well-known sports personality. Additionally, journalist Taryn Manning has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Genealogical research into the Manning surname can provide insights into family history and connections. Online family trees and databases can aid in tracing lineages and discovering possible ancestral origins. Collaborating with other individuals and organizations dedicated to genealogical research can further enhance one’s understanding of their Manning ancestry.

The etymology and historical significance of the Manning name provide a glimpse into the ancestral heritage and cultural background of those bearing this surname. Exploring the origins of the name and its variations can unravel fascinating details about the migration patterns, language evolution, and social dynamics of the past. Studying the Manning name can uncover individual stories and connections to broader historical narratives, allowing individuals to engage with their personal heritage and contribute to the collective tapestry of human history.

While the available records and research provide significant insights into the Manning surname, there may still be undiscovered details waiting to be unveiled. As genealogical research and historical scholarship continue to evolve, new information may emerge, shedding further light on the meaning and significance of the Manning name. The exploration of the Manning surname remains an ongoing journey, highlighting the infinite possibilities for discovery and understanding within the realm of genealogy and historical research.

Interesting facts about the last name Manning

  • The surname Manning is of English origin and is derived from the Old English personal name “Manning” which means “strong or brave counselor”.
  • The Manning surname is quite common in English-speaking countries, particularly in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
  • Famous individuals with the surname Manning include former American football quarterback Archie Manning and his sons Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, who are also NFL quarterbacks.
  • The Manning family has a long history in football, with multiple members having played in the NFL and achieving great success.
  • In addition to the football connection, there are prominent individuals in various fields with the surname Manning, such as actress Taryn Manning, musician Bill Manning, and politician Marilyn Manning.
  • The surname Manning can also have Irish origins, particularly in County Cork and County Laois, where the name may be an anglicized form of the Gaelic surname Ó Mainnín.
  • In Ireland, the Manning name is associated with the ancient sept of O’Mannin, which was located in County Galway.
  • According to historical records, the Manning surname dates back to at least the 13th century and can be found in various documents and records throughout English history.
  • There are several variations of the Manning surname, including Mannings, Maning, Mannynge, and Mannin, which may have evolved over time due to spelling variations and regional accents.

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There are around 74949 people with the last name Manning in the US

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