What is the origin of the last name Mayo?

The last name Mayo has its origins in both English and Irish ancestry. In England, it is derived from the Old English term "mæig," meaning a kinsman or relative, and was likely used as a nickname or a descriptive surname. In Ireland, Mayo is an anglicized form of the Gaelic surname "Maigh Eo," meaning "plain of the yew trees," referring to the Connaught region of Ireland. The surname can also be associated with the town of Mayo in County Mayo, Ireland.

Countries of origin for the last name Mayo

The last name Mayo is of English origin. It is derived from the Old French word “mai” or “may,” meaning “the month of May.” The name Mayo was often given to individuals who were born in the month of May or who had a special affinity for this time of year.

Another possible meaning of the surname Mayo is that it originated as a topographic name for someone who lived near a maypole or a boundary marker known as a “mayo” in Old English. A maypole was a tall wooden pole erected in medieval times for celebrations and dancing during the month of May.

The Mayo surname can also be connected to a geographic origin. In some cases, it may have been a regional name for someone from the town of Mayo in Ireland or from a place called Mayo in several counties in England.

Furthermore, Mayo can be a variant spelling of the surname Moye, which has Norman-French origins. Moye is derived from the Old French word “moie,” meaning “a measure of land.” This suggests that the surname Mayo or Moye could have originally designated someone who owned or worked on a specific amount of land.

Throughout history, the surname Mayo has been recorded in various forms, including May, Mayhew, Mayhoe, and Meigh.

Notable individuals with the last name Mayo include Charles Mayo and William Mayo, who were physicians and the co-founders of the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic, founded in 1889, is a world-renowned medical center based in Rochester, Minnesota.

In conclusion, the last name Mayo has English, French, and possibly Irish origins. It may be derived from the month of May, a maypole, a geographic location, or a measurement of land. The surname has an association with the Mayo Clinic and the notable physicians who established this renowned medical institution. Although we have uncovered several possible origins and meanings for the last name Mayo, the exact roots and significance of this surname may continue to hold some mysteries.

Interesting facts about the last name Mayo

  • The surname Mayo has English origins and is derived from the Old English word “mēġe” meaning “kinsman” or “relative.”
  • Mayo is a toponymic surname, meaning it was originally used to identify people who came from a place called Mayo. There are several places in England and Ireland named Mayo, including County Mayo in Ireland.
  • The Mayo surname can also be found in other countries with variations in spelling, including Maio, Mayeux, Maiorano, and Majewski.
  • In the United States, the Mayo surname has a rich history. The famous Mayo Clinic, a renowned medical research and treatment center, was founded by Dr. William Worrall Mayo in Rochester, Minnesota, in 1889.
  • Notable individuals with the surname Mayo include Mary Mayo, an American essayist and novelist; Virginia Mayo, an American actress known for her roles in classic Hollywood films; and Darío Mayo, a Spanish football player.
  • The Mayo name is associated with various coat of arms, representing different branches of the family. These coats of arms usually feature symbols such as lions, fleur-de-lis, and crosslets.
  • There is an annual Mayo Family International Gathering held in County Mayo, Ireland, where people with the Mayo surname and their descendants come together to celebrate their heritage.

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