What is the origin of the last name Puckett?

The last name PUCKETT is of English origin, derived from the medieval personal name "Pouket," which was likely a diminutive form of "Poul" or "Pock." The name PUCKETT originally referred to someone who resembled a small bird, possibly in terms of physical appearance or behavioral traits. Over time, it evolved into a hereditary surname and spread across different regions, particularly in England and America.

Countries of origin for the last name Puckett

The last name PUCKETT is of English origin and is categorized as a patronymic surname, meaning it is derived from the personal name of an ancestor. The name can be traced back to medieval England, specifically in the county of Yorkshire. Yorkshire, known for its Viking influence, is likely where the PUCKETT surname originated.

The etymology of PUCKETT suggests that it is derived from the Old Norse personal name “Púki,” which means “goblin” or “sprite” in English. The addition of the suffix “-ett” indicates a patronymic formation, meaning “son of Púki.”

Throughout history, various spelling variations of PUCKETT have been recorded, such as POKETT, POKET, PENDING, POGGETT, and more. These variations are often the result of phonetic changes and inconsistencies in written records.

The earliest documented instances of the PUCKETT surname can be found in 13th-century Yorkshire, as recorded in the Yorkshire Poll Tax Returns of 1379. Notably, the surname was not as common during that time compared to other English surnames.

Over the centuries, families with the PUCKETT surname spread across England, with notable concentrations in counties such as Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, and Lancashire. Migration to other English-speaking countries, particularly the United States, led to the establishment of PUCKETT families in various regions.

The first wave of PUCKETT immigrants to the United States occurred during the colonial period, where individuals with the surname settled in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. The PUCKETT name continued to spread westward during the country’s expansion, leading to the establishment of PUCKETT families in states such as Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri.

Throughout American history, individuals bearing the PUCKETT surname have made notable contributions to various fields, including politics, military service, arts, and sciences. The surname has maintained a presence and has continued to be passed down through generations.

The meaning of the PUCKETT surname offers a fascinating glimpse into the ancestral connections and cultural influences that shape our identities. While the etymology points to a Viking origin associated with the supernatural, it also highlights the complex historical journey of those who bear the name. The PUCKETT surname serves as a testament to the enduring ties between past and present, leaving room for further exploration and discovery.

Interesting facts about the last name Puckett

  • The surname PUCKETT originated from England, and it is considered to be of Anglo-Saxon origin.
  • It is derived from the Old English word “puce,” which means “hill” or “mound,” and the suffix “-et” or “-ot,” which denoted a small size or a diminutive form.
  • Historically, the PUCKETT surname was often associated with individuals who lived near or on hills or mounds, or people of small stature.
  • The PUCKETT surname can be traced back to the Domesday Book, a survey of England completed in 1086 during the reign of William the Conqueror.
  • Over time, the surname has evolved and gained variant spellings, including PUCKET, PUCKETTE, POCKETT, and PUCKETTS.
  • Individuals with the PUCKETT surname can be found not only in England but also in other English-speaking countries, such as the United States, Canada, and Australia, due to migration and settlement patterns over the centuries.
  • There have been notable individuals with the surname PUCKETT throughout history, such as sports figures, academics, and professionals, who have left their mark in various fields.
  • The PUCKETT surname has also been used as a given name in some cases, further emphasizing its significance and popularity as a family name.
  • Genealogical research indicates that the PUCKETT surname is relatively uncommon, with a smaller number of individuals bearing this name compared to more common surnames.
  • With the advancements in genetic testing and genealogy, it is now possible for individuals with the PUCKETT surname to trace their ancestry and connect with distant relatives around the world.

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There are around 27627 people with the last name Puckett in the US

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