What is the origin of the last name Wilcox?

The last name Wilcox is of English origin and is derived from the combination of two Old English elements: "wil" meaning "desire" or "will," and "cocc" which referred to a "cock" or a "rooster." The surname likely originated as a personal name that was later combined with the word for rooster to form a compound name. Over time, this evolved into the modern surname Wilcox.

Countries of origin for the last name Wilcox

The last name Wilcox, derived from a combination of the given names William and Cox, possesses a rich historical background and intriguing etymology. With origins rooted in both Old English and medieval Norman cultures, this surname offers a fascinating glimpse into the complex tapestry of genealogy and name formation.

The name William, of Germanic origin, means “resolute protector” or “strong-willed warrior.” It has been widely used throughout history, notably by the famed conqueror William the Conqueror, who introduced the name to England in the 11th century. Cox, on the other hand, is an English surname derived from the popular medieval given name Cock or Cok, a diminutive form of the name Richard. The name Richard, of Germanic origin as well, means “brave ruler” or “powerful leader.”

With this historical context in mind, the combination of William and Cox creates a semantic blend that could be interpreted as a combination of traits associated with willpower, resilience, protection, and leadership. The Wilcox surname is thus imbued with connotations of strength, determination, and the potential for commanding authority.

In terms of distribution, the Wilcox surname has a substantial presence in the United States. According to the latest data, it ranks as the 817th most common surname in the country. Various branches of the Wilcox family tree can be found across numerous states, including California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

As is typical with surnames, variations of the Wilcox name have emerged over time, adding further complexity to its lineage. These variations include Willcox, Wilcoxson, and Wilcockson, among others. Such variations may have arisen due to regional dialectical differences, shifts in spelling conventions, or even personal preferences within families.

While the exact details of individual Wilcox family histories may vary, researching specific family lineages can uncover captivating narratives, providing glimpses into various periods of history and illuminating the diverse paths taken by individuals bearing this last name. The study of genealogy offers an invaluable opportunity to explore ancestral connections, unravel historical migrations, and understand the multi-faceted tapestry of human existence.

Although the Wilcox surname might appear to be straightforward and well-documented, the world of genealogy constantly reveals surprises and challenges assumptions. Each new discovery paves the way for further exploration, prompting questions and opening doors to unexplored avenues of knowledge. The surname Wilcox, like any other, carries untold stories and hidden depths waiting to be unraveled.

Interesting facts about the last name Wilcox

  • The surname Wilcox is of English origin.
  • It is derived from the combination of the Old English personal name “Wilcock” with the suffix “-s,” indicating “son of.”
  • The name Wilcox is recorded as early as the 13th century in England.
  • Wilcox is a patronymic surname, meaning it was originally used to identify the descendants of a person named Wilcock.
  • The personal name Wilcock is a diminutive form of the name William, meaning “resolute protector” in Old Germanic.
  • One notable person with the surname Wilcox is Ella Wheeler Wilcox, an American author and poet who gained popularity in the late 19th century.
  • The name Wilcox has various spelling variations, including Wilcoxson, Willcox, Willcoxson, and Wilcockson.
  • Wilcox is a relatively common surname in English-speaking countries, particularly in the United States.
  • There is a town named Wilcox in Arizona, United States, which was named after the Southern Pacific Railroad engineer Orlando B. Wilcox.
  • The meaning and origin of the surname Wilcox can vary depending on the region and specific family history.

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There are around 56286 people with the last name Wilcox in the US

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